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Tusnad Spa is one of the most beautiful mountain spa in Harghita Country. On the road no. 12, it is 32 km far from Miercurea Ciuc, 37 km far from Saint George Town, 35 km far from Baraolt and 67 km far from Braşov. Today it is the only town in the Lower Ciuc Basin which status was recieived in 1968 due to it’s mineral waters and spas. (The population density in 2011 was 1641 inhabitants). In the recent years Tusnad Spa gives place to important international conferences. The climatic resort with an internaitional character is at the bottom of the volcanic Ciomad mountain, in the Tusnad Defile of the Olt river (606 m). The foothills climate and the clean air, rich in negative ions, are important tourism factors. The average height of the spa is 656 m and it’s main watercourse is the Olt river. In the depths of the defile sparkles the water of the artificial Lake Ciucas. The volcanic origin of the area played a major role in the formation and development of the spa. The gases which break to the surface (carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide) and the mineral waters made possible the therapeutic treatments and crated the conditions for the town to become a prestigious spa.



        It was settled up 155 years ago. It gets attention from the population thanks to the miraculous recovery of a shepherd boy. After that a company was constitute to explore the therapeutical effects of the mineral waters.





The most probable date for the founding of the bathing station is 1842. It was an alleged miraculous healing of the son of a shepherd from his rashes that first attracted widespread attention to the therapeutic properties of local mineral waters, after which a company was founded to develop the springs in 1845. The bathing station was destroyed in the skirmishes of 1849, but Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, on visiting the town in 1852, ordered the reconstruction of the baths. The rapid development of the town began after 1860. The Mikes-source was named in honour of count Benedek Mikes, chairman of the spa committee, who appointed a chemist at his own expense to analyse the water of the spring bearing his name. This marked the start of the scientific evaluation and utilisation of local mineral waters. The Stefánia Medical Center was opened in 1890 and remained the treatment center of the spa until 1975. Lake Csukás (now: Ciucaș) was artificially created in 1900, and the big hotels of the town were built in the 1970s.




In total there can be found 44 springs, which are used for internal and external cure. As internal cure are recommended for: Cardio-vascular system, Chronical gastrithis (hipoacidic/normoacidic), and Chronical hepatho-colecistites, Digestive system. As external cure are recommended for: Metabolic system, Rheumatic, Cardio-vascular system, Neurasthenia’s, Diseases of the locomotory system.




The health-resort has complete medical facilities, including massage, baths, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, with a total capacity of 800 patients/day.




          The beautiful environment represented by the Stone of Soimului and its surroundings, the Lovers' clearing, the artificial Lake Ciucas, the mineral bath, the pass of the Olt, Lake Saint Ann.




Mohos-peat-bog, the paths of the pine forest, the specialties of the Szekler gastronomy, the carriage walks - are only some of the many attractive possibilities offered to the guests by Bãile Tusnad.




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